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Massage Therapy in Los Angeles California

Welcome to Planet Massage Hollywood.net. Experience relaxation like you never have before with one of our professional massage therapists. Deep Tissue is only one of our specialty's. Are you in Pain? Head? Neck? Shoulders? Hands? Lower back? Hip? Butt? Feet? If you do, you need to see us. Have a custom tailored massage based on your needs. Our professionals will listen to what you need. We heal Bodies through Fitness and Massage.

At Planet Massage Hollywood.net, to We have only the best massage therapists in  Los Angeles. All of our massage professionals are highly educated, licensed with insurance. We educate you on what is going on with your body. Then we explain and show you how you can do exercises to correct your issue. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience with what we have to offer with our professional therapist team. Our expert team will customize a massage that caters to your unique needs so that your muscles will feel better and be healthier in the long term. With 30 years of experience, our licensed massage therapists will educate you about your body as they work, to help your better understand the solutions to your muscle tension and pain.

Our service specializes in the following modalities:
Deep Tissue massages - With more than 100 massages and body techniques to help manage and relax pain, deep tissue is one of the most popular massages given today. Ailments of stress and muscles tensions can be relieved within 20 - 90 minutes of massage. Deep tissue massages treat chronic tension with in a muscle group, muscle fibers are loosened by the firm, slow strokes which remove tension and toxins and put you in a relaxed state. Your posture can also be improved, putting less stress on joints, para-vertebral, back, spine. Deep tissue massage enables the body to align itself and change restrictive muscle patterns.

Swedish Massage         Couple Massage
Hot Stone Massage       Massage Parties
Sports Massages          Deep Tissue
Chair Massages            Pain Management

Pain Management: Stretching, Post-Isometric Relaxation, All of the modalities will provide you with amazing health benefits

• Pain Management
• Improved Circulation
• Increased Flexibility
• Boosted Immune System
• Reduced Stress
• Released Tension in Overused or Misused Muscles
• Relieved Discomfort and Stretches Underused, Atrophied Muscles
• Eased Long-Term and Short-Term Pain
• Improved Mood from Released Endorphins
• Elevated General Health and Reduces Recovery Time




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